Courses Taught as Instructor of Record

At the University of Pennsylvania, I taught a section of English Writing in the intensive Penn Pre-Freshman Program during the summer of 2019, and a Junior Research Seminar of my own design, “Science/Fiction: Literature and Scientific Thought, Past and Present,” in the spring of 2020.

While I was a student at Ohio State University, I taught first-year composition for two semesters (Fall 2015 and Spring 2016), structuring my course around the theme of “Representations of Science and Technology in Popular Media.” This class explored the rhetoric surrounding issues like climate change and genetic modification, engaging with traditional essays alongside multimedia sources such as advertisements. As instructor, I was responsible for developing three one-hour lessons per week, holding weekly office hours, and grading all assignments throughout the term. Like all new First-Year Writing Program instructors, I attended a week-long orientation class in August 2015, and a weekly pedagogy seminar (English 6781) in the Fall term.

Courses Taught as Teaching Assistant

I was a teaching assistant for David Wallace’s Chaucer: Medieval Poetry and Modern Performance (Fall 2017) and Zachary Lesser’s Introduction to Shakespeare (Spring 2018) at the University of Pennsylvania. I also took a weekly pedagogy seminar (English 800) in the Spring 2018 term.

Other Teaching Experience

In 2011, I held an AIESEC McGill teaching internship in Haryana, India. During this six-week program, I taught English as a Second Language to Pre-Engineering students (15-16 years old) at ICL Group of Colleges. I also tutored high school and college students in English, mathematics, and psychology from 2007 to 2011.