As an English instructor, I believe that writing and literary studies can foster conversations across disciplinary, historical, and cultural boundaries. I am committed to enabling my students to approach diverse perspectives with open minds; to construct nuanced, well-researched arguments; and to express their ideas in clear, engaging prose. I work to center voices from various ethnic, racial, religious, and gender identities, while supporting students’ personal learning goals. Above all, I believe that the skills students develop in my courses — close reading, critical thinking, precise writing — should continue to enrich their lives beyond the university.

Teaching Certifications and Training

  • I hold a Teaching Certificate from the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Pennsylvania.
    • During and after this program, I attended six CTL pedagogy workshops on: Accessibility and Inclusion for Students and Instructors with Disabilities, Designing for Equity and Engagement in Online Teaching, Fostering Student Participation, Giving Feedback on Written Assignments, Supporting Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Students, and Teaching As/For Public Engagement.
  • I participated in the “Digital Humanities in the Classroom” course at the University of Pennsylvania’s Dream Lab in 2021.
  • I completed two semester-long pedagogy seminars offered by the Departments of English at the University of Pennsylvania (Spring 2018) and The Ohio State University (Fall 2015).

Courses Taught as Instructor of Record

My teaching at the University of Pennsylvania includes a Junior Research Seminar of my own design, Science/Fiction: Literature and Science, Past and Present (Spring 2020). This course offered a transhistorical overview of the relationships between literature and science, while also introducing students to advanced research methods in literary studies. Our readings included contemporary speculative fiction, Indigenous ecological theory, and three historical modules on medieval zoology, early modern astronomy, and nineteenth-century natural history.

I also taught English Writing in the intensive Penn Pre-Freshman Program during the summers of 2020 (online) and 2019 (in person). Developed in coordination with other instructors, this introductory writing course included poetry and short fiction by authors such as Ama Ata Aidoo, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Viet Thanh Nguyen.

At The Ohio State University, I taught First Year Writing for two semesters (Spring 2016, Fall 2015), choosing the theme of “Science and Technology in Popular Media.” This course explored rhetorical strategies in relation to pressing issues like climate change and genetic modification. Students engaged with traditional essays alongside multimedia sources such as advertisements, and produced a scaffolded series of assignments culminating in a final research paper.

Teaching Assistantships and Instructional Support

Other Teaching Experience

  • AIESEC Canada teaching intern, ICL Group of Colleges (Haryana, India; Summer 2011).
    • One of two instructors for a six-week course in English as a Second Language. Students were in the Pre-Engineering program (ages 15–17).
  • Private tutor for high school and CEGEP students in English, French, mathematics, and psychology (Montréal, Québec; 2007–2011).