Digital Projects

Resources for Astronomical Manuscripts

Scanning the Skies: A Virtual Exhibit of Penn Astronomical Manuscripts

A virtual version of my 2019 exhibit at the Medieval Academy of America Meeting, showcasing astronomical manuscripts from Penn's collections.

The World of the Sphere: Diagrams from De Sphaera Mundi

Interactive annotated and rotating diagrams based on a copy of Johannes de Sacrobosco's De sphaera mundi in UPenn MS Codex 1881.

Stars and Youngsters: A Digital Edition of UPenn LJS 445

A guided tour through a fifteenth-century Penn manuscript, featuring colour illustrations, built-in scientific instruments, and children's doodles.


Medieval Worlds

Coordinator for exhibits designed by students in the Medieval Worlds seminar.

Image du Monde

Participant in Phase II (Team 2) of a collective effort to transcribe a thirteenth-century encyclopedic poem.