Curriculum Vitae

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2021 – Ph.D. in English Literature (Anticipated)
2018 – M.A. in English Literature
University of Pennsylvania

2016 – M.A. in English Literature
Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Medieval Studies
The Ohio State University

2014 – Bachelor of Arts and Science in Honours Environment
Minor in English Literature
McGill University

Awards and Honours

  • Benjamin Franklin Fellowship (Penn 2016-21)
  • Digital Humanities Summer Institute Scholarship (2019)
  • Grant-In-Aid for “Digging the Past” (Folger Institute 2018)
  • SASgov Travel Grant (Penn Spring 2018; Fall 2018)
  • Delmas Foundation Scholarship (California Rare Book School 2018)
  • Distinguished University Fellowship (OSU 2014-15)
  • First Class Honours (McGill 2014)
  • Margaret Pratt Scholarship (McGill 2011-12)

Conference Participation

1. Selected Presentations

  • Cetacean Relations: Whales in Medieval Romance and Science. 54th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (May 9-12, 2019).
  • “Sa nature peot hum guenchir”: Interspecies Kinship in Marie de France’s Fables (Roundtable). 54th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (May 9-12, 2019).
  • Fish: Friends, or Food? Medieval Perspectives on Aquatic Animals. Global Prehumanisms, University of Illinois (October 18-20, 2018).
  • Planh and Plants: The Vegetal Contexts of Troubadour Laments. 75th South Central Modern Language Association Convention, San Antonio (October 11-13, 2018).
  • “For They Kan Nat the Craft”: Art(ifice) and Chaucer’s Robotic Horse. Animals: Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference, University of Oxford (June 28, 2018).
  • “Le Diable qui parle par ta bouche”: Vulgar Language from Mankind to Michel Tremblay’s Les Belles-Soeurs. 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (May 10-13, 2018).
  • Swearing in Church: Medieval Profanity and Québécois Sacres (Roundtable). 53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (May 10-13, 2018).
  • “English Latin” and the Vulgarity Effect: Linguistic Discord in Middle English and Québécois Drama. Vagantes, University of Minnesota (March 22-24, 2018).
  • Snips, Snails, and Paper Trails: The Secrets of Penn Ms. Codex 627. Reading the Natural World: 24th Annual ACMRS Conference, Arizona State University (February 8-10, 2018).
  • A Horsly Gyn: Chaucer’s Squire as Poetic Engineer. Auctoritas: 9th Annual Medievalists @ Penn Conference, University of Pennsylvania (March 17, 2017).
  • “Verdiers d’amor”: Nature and Culture in the Troubadour Albas. Vagantes, Rice University (February 18-20, 2016).
  • Eden and the East: Medieval Travellers on the Edge. 57th Midwest Modern Language Association Convention (November 12-15, 2015).
  • Velum Scissum Est: Unveiling the Contents and Contexts of a Liturgical Fragment. Texts and Contexts, Ohio State University (October 30-31, 2015).
  • “No Gret Mervayle”: Truth and Nature in The Book of John Mandeville. Vagantes, University of Florida (February 19-21, 2015).
  • Origins, Functions, and Transformations of an Italian Musical Palimpsest (Poster). Marco Manuscript Workshop, University of Tennessee (February 6-7, 2015).

2. Exhibit Curation

3. Conferences Co-Organized

Teaching Experience

1. University of Pennsylvania

  • Spring 2018: Introduction to Shakespeare (Teaching Assistant).
  • Fall 2017: Chaucer: Medieval Poetry & Modern Performance (Teaching Assistant).

2. The Ohio State University

  • Fall 2015, Spring 2016: First Year Writing (Instructor of Record).

3. AIESEC International & ICL Group of Colleges (Haryana, India)

  • Summer 2011: English as a Second Language (Teaching Intern).

Relevant Work Experience

Online Writing and Media

  • Lost Words” (with Emily Steiner). Penn Arts and Sciences 60-Second Lectures, University of Pennsylvania, September 12, 2018.
  • Medieval Treasures, Future Trash.” PPEH Lab Fellows Blog. Penn Program in the Environmental Humanities, August 8, 2018.

Professional and University Service

Technical Skills and Interests

Professional Memberships

Association for the Study of Literature and Environment; Delaware Valley Medieval Association; Medieval Academy of America; New Chaucer Society; Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing.


1. Historical

  • Advanced proficiency in Middle English
  • Reading proficiency in Latin, Old English, Old & Middle French, Old Occitan

2. Modern

  • Fluent French
  • Intermediate Spanish and Turkish